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Single Release Date: March 7 2023


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Chasing clouds, running wild to the rhythm of her song... Life is but a dream and we're all daydreamers. Derek Orsi's latest release DAYDREAMER has a meditative vibe, reminiscent of sunny days and the exuberance you feel at the onset of your mind's greatest fantasies. "The beauty of existence is in the art we create through our own human expression" Orsi says. "We're all creators of our own destiny and it all starts with a dream."   

This song is about reclaiming your birthright to freedom, peace and love. Daydreamer symbolizes the creator in you, joy, acceptance, inner peace and ambition. "We build our identity and outer world through the thoughts we have within. When you step into your own power, anything is possible" says the ambitious artist.

As you're whisked away by the soothing groove of a lazy day, the song brings you back to your breath and inner self, punctuated by a catchy, singalong chorus. Orsi sings the hook "Daydreamer, hide your love away. Daydreamer, won't you come around someday", which is enveloped by a circular drum groove, dreamy guitars and cavernous claps.


"Daydreamer challenges you to face your fears and rise above the negative talk in your head. If you want to grow you need to change. The chorus lyric asks you to let go of what's keeping you from living your best life and to come around to the idea of being the best version of YOU. We all have to face this challenge at one point in our lives. Self love and courage are key if you want to grow." Orsi says.

Orsi wrote the song during a time in his life when he was searching for answers. "My experiences, the world I see before me and pure fiction all inspire my writing, I was questioning a lot of stuff when I wrote this song. The lyrics reflect my escape out of the muck and my journey towards the light. Part of it was my story and part of it was what I saw others going through."

Daydreamer is the second single from Derek Orsi's upcoming LP Astral Youth, a concept album that feels like the soundtrack to a suspenseful, yet heartwarming film. 

Daydreamer is out March 7, 2023. 





 Derek Orsi: Songwriter, Engineer, Producer & Mixer

Dave Traina: Engineer

Richard Addison: Mastering Engineer

Performed by:

Derek Orsi - Vocals/Guitar/Bass
Mario Telaro - Drums

Adam Passalacqua - Keys


Distributor: CD BABY (Pro Publishing)

ISRC: uscgh2389548

UPC Code: 195999540115

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