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Record Producer

I can deliver radio-ready productions for your next single, EP or album. I'll work with you from pre-production through the recording, editing and mixing process to make your music sound the best it can be. 

$1880/song + points

What's Included: producer, recording engineer, edit & mix @ freq shop studio.

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I can deliver radio-ready mixes for your next single, EP or album. I offer unlimited revisions, working with you until you're completely satisfied with the final mix.  



What's Included: stereo .wav mix of your song, stereo .wav instrumental & stems.


Sound Engineer

I'll record your next studio or live performance single, EP or album. My homebase is at Freq Shop but I can work in the studio, venue or environment of your choice.

$575/day @ Freq Shop

What's Included: recording engineer for a full day @ Freq Shop studio in Montreal.

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Session Musician

I can write and perform guitar or bass parts for your next single, EP or album. Im available to work both in person or remotely. I can offer my creative input or play your score note for note.  


What's Included: Written/performed bass or guitar parts for one song.

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